Advancing Grinding Processes

By leveraging our expertise, we’re enhancing grinding processes to drive increased efficiency and superior product control, leading the way towards a more sustainable and precise industry.

NRGmill wET Series

Our NRGmill wET series is a vertically arranged attrition mill with a high power to volume, in a solid and robust design that has less wear. We simplify the flow sheet and increase recoveries.

NRGmill dRY Series

The NRGmill dRY series is a vertically arranged attrition mill that produce fine particles from dry and humid material. Mineral resources are often found in areas where water is scarce. Dry grinding is the future and will ensure reduced water and energy usage.

Our story

Buldrtech went out to change the mineral processing industry and identified a key process step where small improvements have large impact. The NRGmill is such a solution and can help miners world wide improve their resource extraction process. We like to describe the NRGmill as more of a financial instrument than a grinding mill.


Our value proposition to customers is increased recovery and reduced energy consumption. Our value proposition to the world is more metals for less. 700 million people live in extreme poverty, metals are a crucial part of improving life.

Ore concentration

With increasing demand for commodities and at the same time decreasing concetration in the extracted ore bodies around the world. Energy efficient grinding solutions will be one of those technologies that can have major impact on the world energy needs. Today one believe comminution alone is about 4% of the world energy concumption, of wich often comes from burning fossile fuel.